Blogging guide

By way of preparing for discussion, each week two or three members of the seminar will be assigned to comment on the reading in advance, and everyone will be required to read the blog before seminar. Bloggers should focus on the secondary sources rather than the fiction. If you wish to touch on the fiction, of course please do so, but organize your comments as a response to scholarly arguments or ideas. Response need not mean refutation.

The blogging schedule is available to members of the course on Sakai.

Post by Sunday morning. Posts are not micro-papers. Write informal remarks that do not exceed 500 words. Please be speculative, free-form, meme-heavy if you like, or meme-free if not. Do try to touch down on at least one specific passage or moment in one of the readings.

Since the blog is public to the internet, I strongly encourage pseudonymity. You can adopt a pseudonym by logging in, clicking the “Howdy, Your Name Here” menu at the upper right, and clicking “Edit My Profile.” Edit your “Nickname” and click the “Update Profile” button.

You are free to write more often than required, and to comment on one another’s posts. Please also respect the pseudonymity of the other members of the seminar and refer to them only by their chosen handles in your own blog posts.

If you have any questions about how to use the site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.